Entrepreneurship Development Cell is managed by a Head – Coordinator and department coordinators which periodically organizes seminars, workshops & Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps.

Objectives of EDC

  • To give appropriate information to budding student entrepreneurs
  • To link Institution, Industries and R&D institutions in the region and other related organizations engaged in promoting Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) including NGOs and other Voluntary Organizations.
  • To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities both at national and international level relating to SMEs and Micro Enterprises
S.No Date Details of the program Remarks
1 28-7-2015 to 29-07-2015 Career opportunities in Banking, financial services & Insurance Conducted by Centre for Entrepreneurship Development Anna University, Chennai
2 23-03-2015 Entrepreneurship and Employability ONE day programme Conducted for Final year students by Professor A.Vijayakumar, president, I.N.D.I.A trust
3 19-03-2015 Entrepreneurship and Employability ONE day programme Conducted for First year students by Professor A.Vijayakumar, president, I.N.D.I.A trust
4 10-10-2013 to 12-10-2013 Entrepreneurship awareness camp Entrepreneurship awareness camp conducted by EDI Chennai Chief Guest Dr.B.Bhaskar
5 08-04-2013 to 10-04-2013 Entrepreneurship awareness camp 3 days Entrepreneurship awareness program was conducted by Dr.P.Sai Prasad in our campus
6 8-12-2009 to 23-04-2010 ME 1020 Entrepreneurship Development This core subject was handled by Mr.K.Gurusamy, EDC coordinator for final year mechanical students to provide an understanding of the Scope of an entrepreneur, Key Areas of Development, Financial Assistance by the institutions, Methods of taxation and tax benefits etc..
7 21-12-2009 “ONE Day Workshop on Entrepreneurship education “ Mr.K.Gurusamy, EDC coordinator attended this program which was conducted by University of Madras Campus, Chepauk, Chennai-600005.
8 13-12-2009 NeN E-Leaders Workshop Creating an E-Campus The following E-cell students were participated at SRM college, Chennai

1.Mr.V.Vignesh -Mechanical III year

2.Ms.Vidyalakshmi -CSE III year

3.Ms.Revathy-CSE III year

9 27-08-2009 to 28-08-2009 Two Day Entrepreneurship awareness camp various topics covered like:

i) Sharing of Entrepreneurial Journey by Mr.Virupakshan-founder of homeplangure.com

ii) Identification of Business for entrepreneur by B.Shrinivas-Founder PPP Info tech ltd-Chennai

iii) Importance of Creativity and Innovation- Dr.Francis Jose, professor, Loyola college

iv)Communication Skills for better Results” Mr.Prem Anand, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, Chennai.

10 15-07-2009 to 19-07-2009 NEN – Foundation Course NEN Foundation Course was attended by Mr.K.Gurusamy A.P, Mech along with 80 participants from various engg colleges at Mount Carmel college, Bangalore conducted by NEN leaders
11 13-7-2009 NEN – Orientation program NEN-Orientation program attended by Mr.K.Gurusamy A.P at Loyola college from 9AM to 5PM conducted by Ms.Vishnu Priya & Ms.Sujaya NEN- Consultants
12 04-05-2010 Creating Entrepreneurship awareness for faculty, members This program was conducted by Mr.J.Siva Kumar for 21 faculty members to gain entrepreneurial Development skills