Idea to Prototype – Workshop 2017



Sree Sastha Institute Of Engineering and


Date & Time

29/5/2017 to 31/5/2017

9 a.m to 4 p.m.

Resource person

Ms. Vishnu Priya, Regional Manager, Consulting

As a Regional Manager of Entrepreneurship Consulting (Tamilnadu Region), Vishnu takes an entrepreneurial approach to help academic institutions build and implement robust entrepreneurship programs for both educators and students. Currently, her focus lies in helping institutions build and scale incubation and innovation programs and help in creating Entrepreneurs.

  • The participant will be prepared to establish a startup.
  • Professional guidance in funding/incubation will be given for selected students.
  • The session is activity based, hence the participant develops certain practical traits useful for his/her career.
  • The students will be Certified for the completion of the Workshop as a value¬†Addition.
  • There is no registration fee.
  • Refreshments will be provided to the students during the break.
  • Participant should have a project idea.
  • Participant must attend the workshop for all the three days.
  • Laptop, preferable
  • Preferably Final years


The goal of this program is to help provide a space and platform for discovery, both self-discovery and opportunity discovery, to students. The program Lead will be able to guide students to discover their strengths in terms of an entrepreneurial founding team and learn basics such as opportunity discovery, prototyping, competition analysis, and early customer insights. They will be able to direct and assist them in online and campus activities such as idea competitions and workshops.

Who can attend?

Students who have already completed or are in the process of creating their products or have ideated and know which idea they want to go with.


Students will undergo this training in a hands-on manner where they will learn by doing; along with conceptual knowledge. Students will gain the actual learning experience through directly engaging in the In-class activities. Demonstration of the course materials such as videos, facilitator notes and handouts on the online learning management system will aid the discussion on how to run each lesson.

Workshop Objectives

Develop a deep understanding of Entrepreneurship concepts such as idea generation, Opportunity

Evaluation, Customer Discovery, Value Proposition Design and Prototyping