Research Advisory Board

Objectives of Research Advisory Board

  1. To devise strategies to assist the Institution in meeting its research objectives.
  2. To advise on new initiatives and opportunities in the innovation area.
  3. To review research performance in the Institution, faculty and departmental research strategies and plans, and to advise Council on the Institutions research strategy and performance.
  4. To advise on processes to identify and enhance the impact of research conducted across the Institution.
  5. To advise on the effective publication.

RESEARCH ADVISORY BOARD [Experts from Industries]

Sl No Name of the members & Designation Organisation Specialisation
1 Mr.R.Baskaran., I.R.S,

Chief General Manger

RailTel, Egmore Corpn, EVR Salai,Chennai-8 Tele communication
2 Dr.A.Mandal, Director CLRI Chemical & Bio Tech
3 Mr.Ramani.N, Vice President Avant Garde Consulting Engrs, Porur Energy & Instrumentation
4 Dr.Thandavamurthy Dy Director Rtd, SERC, CIVIL
5 M.VedamVijayakumar Merado/CLRI/ BIS expert member Mechanical
6 Mr.Soundra Rajan.R, Vice President Avant Garde Consulting Engrs, Porur Energy/Mechanical
7 Dr.G.Sankaranarayanan,Dean –Research SSIET Coordinator-Mechanical
8 Prof.J.Karthikeyan , Chairman Sree Sastha Institutions Mentor & Invitee

Adhoc Research Committee

  1. Expert -Industry
  2. Expert –dept/subject concerned
  3. Dean-Research

The three member committee will be constituted and meeting will be convened by the Dean on the need basis. The members will discuss, analyse the proposal and give directions to the researchers / faculty. The team may give directions to make all possible steps to get sanction execution and complete the project successfully.